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Apartments for sale in Bursa

Apartments for sale in the green Bursa, direct views on the sea, nature, and the stunning mountains in the Turkish city of Bursa, at cheap prices suitable for housing and investment

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Apartments and villas in Istanbul with the most beautiful sea views.

Tired of searching?

Villas for sale in Bursa

Villas for sale in the Turkish Bursa, the most beautiful villas in the city's wonderful areas: Mudanya, Nilüfer, Yıldırım, Orhangazi, Osmangazi, and Bademli

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Various properties for sale in Bursa

Various real estate for sale in Bursa, apartments for sale in Bursa and wonderful sea villas, with stunning views on the sea and the green forests

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Imtilak Real Estate services

Imtilak Real Estate is honored to provide you with a fully integrated package of services during the sale and after it

Bursa Properties

Bursa is one of the most important cities in Turkey and its industrial capital. It is famous for the automobile industry, vehicles, and modern industries. It is the fourth largest city in Turkey.   

The city lies on the banks of the Marmara Sea between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, It contains several important tourist attractions, along with many natural attractions, and it also has historical monuments of multicultural civilizations. The statistics indicate that most of these ruins are belonging to the Ottoman civilization since the city of Bursa is the first capital taken by the Ottomans as a capital of their state between 1326 and 1365.

The city is frequented by a large number of tourists and visitors from all over the world, because of its proximity to Istanbul the first tourist city in Turkey, where it is about an hour and a half away using the ferryboat, The means of transport from Bursa to Istanbul is one of the most popular modes of transport favored by tourists and locals alike.

The most important tourist and natural landmarks in Bursa:

There are many tourists and natural attractions in Bursa, you can see the beauty of the greenery, the whiteness of the snow, and the warmth of the sulfur springs, not to mention the scattered effects in most of its villages and regions.

Tümbüldek Natural Spa (Tümbüldek Kaplıcası)

Uludağ Mountain

The historical perennial tree

The Green Mosque (Yeşil Cami)

The village of Eskikarağaç Köyü

The hidden Sansarak Paradise (Sansarak Kanyonu)

Cave Ayvaini (Ayvaini Mağarası)

Madiakon Monastery

Real Estate Investment in Bursa

Arabs turn to the real estate investment in Bursa, where they come at the top of the list of foreign investors in Turkey within the construction sector, the Turkish government offers special privileges to investors in real estate, such as facilities for issuing licenses for their commercial activities, granting residence permit and even Turkish citizenship for real estate investments, several luxury commercial malls are expected to be built by Arab investors in Bursa province.

The Green City is a safe haven for lovers of stability and housing in a quiet environment close to nature, with suitable options for those looking for apartments for sale or luxury villas for sale in Bursa.

The most important real estate and investment areas in Bursa

Osmangazi district: The Osmangazi district is located in the center of Bursa on the slopes of the famous Uludag Mountain. The area is the meeting point of all the suburbs of Bursa, the largest suburb of the city in terms of population.

Nilufer: The third largest city of Bursa after the suburbs of Osmangazi and Yildirim, in recent years, the district has shown significant development in the field of reconstruction and real estate development.

Mudanya: Mudanya is the backyard of Bursa, located north of Bursa on the Marmara Sea coast, one of the city's most important tourist areas. Surrounded by the west is Karacabey and to the south Osmangazi, Nilüfer, and from the east as Gemlik, and to the north by the bay of Gemlik.

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