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Bursa, a Quality of Life Quantum Leap

: 2016-10-07

Bursa, a Quality of Life Quantum Leap
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Bursa continues to climb up gradually to the higher positions on the living, tourism, and urban levels, be that in local or international standards. All that is due the abundance of tourism projects established to made the city witness a quantum leap in this regard, reaping the benefits of these projects.

Bursa Stadium, one of the top 10 most exciting football stadiums around the world

In the field of history, culture, and heritage, Bursa was able to enter the list of UNESCO World Heritage. On the sport level, the football stadium, which was opened in 2015 to accommodate up to 45 thousand spectators, won the most prestigious architectural monuments in Europe award, in addition to ranking it within the top 10 most exciting stadiums in the world as it was shaped like a "green crocodile" to go with the logo color of the city local team.

Furthermore, the choice fell on the "Sunken Church" which was discovered inside the Lake 'Iznik' among the top 10 discoveries of the world in 2014.  And, that was not all of it; Bursa is nominated for the title of "The European Green Capital" for 2017, not to mention that Bursa is ranked the 28th in the list of "the best cities for quality of life."

Bursa gets over Istanbul in terms of quality of life

According to statistics held by Neobio International Center for cities' ranking, more than five thousand cities in the world are competing within the list of " the best cities for quality of life," adhering in the classification on the quality of living standards in the cities. Bursa this year, according to this report, jumped upward 20 positions to occupy the 28th position among the best cities for quality of life, while Ankara was ranked 99, and Istanbul was ranked 103.

The mayor of Bursa, Mr. Recep Altepe, stressed in a speech that the city, by its projects, has become a model for Turkey and the whole world. It will continue its way to become a cosmopolitan city, and they are taking, for this regard, the necessary steps to raise the position of the city in the list mentioned.

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