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The Impact of Osman Ghazi Bridge on Real Estate Prices in Bursa

: 2017-07-10 Modified date : 2019-04-10

The Impact of Osman Ghazi Bridge on Real Estate Prices in Bursa
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The recently opened Othman Ghazi Bridge in Bursa is one of the largest and most successful modern-day projects in Turkey. The bridge reduced the distance between Bursa and Istanbul to 1.5 hours and enabled many Istanbul residents to find jobs in Bursa, Those living in the Asian section of Istanbul, and a large number of employees whom are going to Bursa on a daily basis and vice versa.

The bridge naturally affected people's interest for property in Bursa as well, as investors were more likely to own property in Bursa due to easy access to Istanbul, where real estate prices were three times lower than the real estate in Istanbul.

However, these prices remain very cheap compared to the prices of Istanbul, where the prices of apartments of type 2 + 1 in the luxury complexes near the transport lines to one million or one million and a half Turkish liras, and the price of apartments 3 + 1 that bear The same benefits to approximately 500 thousand Turkish lira.

Bursa real estate investments are expected to increase further as the city's infrastructure is designed to accommodate more than 5 million people.

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